Only generative sex, limited to mere procreation, could do without erotism, if such a thing were possible.

Fortunately, men and women are not keen on exclusively reproductive sex performed in specific circunstances, but prefer to indulge in sex any time of day, all day long or every day. What produces desire?

Sometimes it is something indescribable, or a sum of factors; others, it is aroused by something very precise: a body part, body language, clothing, colours, shoes or hair.

The XIX century physician Paul Garrier defined fetishism correctly, despite the moral crusade which had already pitted him against onanism:



“It is a syndrome of mental degeneration, which can be explained as an anomaly of the sexual instinct which confers on women´s or men´s clothing, a body part or the other´s or own sex, the exclusive power of generating amorous cravings and of producing voluptuous orgasms.”

The arousal caused by a woman´s legs or silk stockings are classic examples to which specialized literature has added volumes of exciting elements: hair, tresses, the smell of sweat, human flesh, used toilet paper, dirty feet, teeth, anatomical malformations, old age, youth, children, death, blood, death again...


César y Pepita developed a relationship, perhaps ilicitly, in the late 20’ s, which ended with Pepita´s death en 1960. During all that time, César´s devotion impelled him to collect Pepita´s pubic hair, gathered in different occasions in different places of the house, sometimes ading hair from her head too.

Throughout their time together, they had sexual relations regularly which were immortalized in the collection referred to and photographic sessions,too. We will soon publish a book which not only tells their story, but which will feature the photos and samples of the collected hair..

Another anonymous author´s opus has come to us: 5 kilos of paper, thousands of pages of a comic which tells the sexual history of mankind, from biblical times up to now. 4000 pages drawn on both sides, on different kinds of paper: publicity leaflets, copybook pages, toilet paper, cigarette wrapping, parcel paper, magazine margins, etc.

They depict an obsession with a description of a world which glides among fluids, thriving with rodents and cockroaches, nymphomaniacs, precocious children and insatiable adults.

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