The fruity adventure of Eve and the apple ushered in the human species on Earth, and the spreading of that piece of gossip prompted the religion with the biggest box-office hit ever to write the renowned book.

Other cults regarded it less tragically but with equal importance, and whether it was due to some genesic impulse or lubricious inclination, they worshipped phalluses and sacred prostitutes all over the world.

From the explicit and technical manuals as the Kama Sutra or the Ananga Ranga of Indian culture, to the misfortunes of Onan “spilling his seed” in the Old Testament, the multiple expressions of sexuality and erotic sensibility provide us with historical clues for the understanding of ancient peoples.

Sexual lore is the province of Erotism, an expression, until recently, both cultivated and occult. In these more tolerant times, it is still a mystery which cannot be measured or explained, but only felt

A museum collects objects, and that is the only aim of this Erotic Museum, the compilation of artifacts that document, illustrate, conjure up or inspire stories and aspects of what we have never stopped and will keep on doing –or making- throughout the history of mankind, in the midst of catastrophes, travails, massacres, joys and sufferings.

The Erotic dimension is perhaps the only one which clearly sets us apart from other animal species.

Be welcome, and enjoy.

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