Sex and eroticism have been choice subject matters for photographers from the beginning.

First came the professional photographers, but then, with the democratization brought about by technology,  everyone had access to cameras.

Irresistible images, lovers´ and orgy mementos were anonymously documented  photographically a long time before the category of “Erotic Art” was established. The Erotic Museum keeps a collection  of hundreds of anonymous photographs of different periods; some of them were meant for clandestine comercialization; others,   for the photographer´s self –gratulation.

Specially remarkable is this photographer´s collection. Apparently  a military man (because of the uniform he sometimes wears), he photographed an enormous number of women from every walk of life.


As references about their origin or background are non-existent, we do not know if he payed  for the pics or if they were women of his acquaintance...

...though, judging from some
model's expressions, a certain
tension or disgust can be surmised.


The “Army Man” is not an expert craftsman, but, in his spontaneity, he obtains interesting images: stark contrasts of black and white, which remind us of police cross-examinations, instead of the experiments in lighting of an artist.

Nevertheless, in some other pics , the images are slightly out of focus, almost certainly an undesired effect , but which display a subtle lyricism that mitigates the brutality of the scene.

The amateur photograph, and specially that which deals with the erotic, is not only a period piece, but  also displays a visual intensity not found in professional  work.

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