In temples consecrated to Priapus, in ancient Rome, women enjoyed sitting on stone phalluses of different sizes and lengths . In the Far East, for thousands of years, women are suggested to use penises carved in ivory , for its softness and coolness.

Our consumer society has developed lines of sexual devices and gadgets for all the variations customers and manufacturer can come up with. Some of them, extremely ingenious, are conceived for the stimulation of neurological spots which many ignore or have not discovered yet.



(Dildo or Consolator)

CHARACTERISTICS: Polyurethanic double-density covering with direct current motor powered by two AA batteries.

USE: Fundamentally for vaginal insertion, though it may provide clitoric stimulation with its rotating head or “glans penis”. The pearls inside are mobile and stimulate the urinary pad. The lesser appendage, or “rabbit” acts on the backside, either by insertion in the rectum or operating on the anus by tickling it with the upper auricles or “ears”.



CHARACTERISTICS: Polyurethanic covering with direct current motor powered by two AA batteries placed in outer compartment connnected by wire.

USE: Fundamentally for anal insertion, plus, in females, rubbing action on the upper labia of the vagina and clitoris. The body of the scorpion is placed betweeen the legs on the vaginal labia and held by elastic bands around the upper thighs, so that mobility at the office or at home is not hindered.. The “Scorpion´s “ tail is jointed and enters the anus without difficulty, almost reaching the colon. In men, the “Scorpion´s “ vibrations will oonly tickle the groin, but the tail´s peculiar design allows it to reach the prostate, causing repeated and involuntary orgasms.

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