Comics are born almost at the same time as films, and like these, they consist of a succession of images, in this case printed ones, which tell a story. The new medium would not forsake a subject matter as powerful as the sexual or erotic; even though comics were originally meant for children, it was obvious that it could attract adults, too.

Smuggled into the United States in the ´30´s, the “Tijuana Bibles”- so called because they were printed in the Mexican border and concealed inside Bibles- were 5 by 8 cms. , comic-booklets with a frame per page, crafted by anonymous artists, where immaculate film and comic heroes indulge in frantic orgies, penetrate others and are themselves penetrated, surely recovering from the stress caused by the Star System.

In Buenos Aires, similar parodies could be found, where Don Fulgencio, “the Man who had no Childhood” masturbates, or in “El Otro Yo del Dr. Merengue” , the eponymous protagonist skips psychoanalysis and gives free rein to his passion.

Just like Dr. Merengue´s original creator , Divito, a lover of the good life and women, who was sacked by his erstwhile employer, the conservative Dante Quinterno, creator of Patoruzú, who could not stomach the extremely insinuating Divito´s “Chicas” (girls), was left no choice but to start his own and famous “Rico Tipo”magazine , where the impressive “Chicas” are further developed, although restrained by the customs and values of the “modern” ´50´s.

But any artist´s “Otro Yo” (alter ego) finally bursts under such pressure, as attested by the extraordinary erotic cartoons and strips , created by an author who remains “anonymous”, by personal and family choice. However, the style and mastery are evident and revealing, though the prejudices of the times prevented their becoming public, as well as the present prudishness.

Furtively put away in order to enjoy them with his friends, the “anonymous” author proves that he can handle any sexual issue without taboos or restraints. Now these drawings are in exclusivity shown to the public, prior to their publication in a complete version..

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