Adam and Eve, Paradise and the Serpent, are concepts so much a part of our culture that we consider them universal archetypes; the same can be stated as regards the notion of Sin.

But the Orient has no idea similar to ours concerning the Original Sin: they cannot conceive of someone committing such an outrageous offence that it condemns mankind to everlasting suffering. That is why sex is not taboo for Orientals, the same as their concepts of pleasure and pain, while pedophilia and homosexuality are relative notions.

Hindus have systematized sexual activity in the famous treatises Kama Sutra and Ananga Ranga, and women use masturbators quite freely: they tie them to the foot and with dexterous movements make them enter and come out the vagina.

To cure vaginal diseases, herpes or fungi, they use quartz penises wich they offer to the sunlight in order to awaken the energetic potential of the stone before putting them in their private parts.

By the other side, Japanese sexual sybarites are very decorous when they go to the doctor. Women point out in small ivory dolls the location of pain or malaise, to avoid shameful nakedness.

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