A chance for the intimate wink, the naughty smile, “Erotisme du Dimanche”, in french,“Sunday Eroticism” was sold at fairs, a collection of objects which could be exaggeratedly or savagely sexual and childishly naive at the same time, objects which were handcrafted , as they were barred from the mass-production market.

Objects like the phallic glass bottles filled with milk with which girls were sprinkled in parties of the ´30´s to the ‘60’s.

Or the sexy doll which, swaying automatically, shakes drinks and cocktails at a bar, a toy meant for adults, product of the development of the massive Japanese toy industry. Or the female-shaped radio which is tuned in by turning its nipples.

But these were merely marginal products, and consumer fantasies left behind industrial zeal. Alongside the irreverence for untouchable icons and heroes, displayed by “Tijuana Bibles” in the field of comics, the artisan author was motivated by the irresistible temptation of providing superheroes with attributes which, although never portrayed before, were n ot less heroic.

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