To stimulate primate reproduction in a zoo, chimpanzees were shown XXX erotic films with human beings. The results were successful, the stimulus worked. If they produce such an effect on apes, what will they not acccomplish with humans? The answer is known since fil m was created. Seduced by the chance of looking at others, comfortably seated, the spectator spies on acts of absolute intimacy. Erotic films ( wrongly dubbbed as “pornographic” by prudes), not only fulfill their aim from a sexual perspective, but also constitute an authentic and unique cultural product.

The films of Isabel Sarli and Armando Bo are examples of an ouvre both coherent and representative, in the treatment of themes, narrative rythm, acting and ideology. Besides, we also find coherence of iconography in the remarkable graphics of the poster art. We are in the presence, then, of a unique, definitely Argentine filmography, of international projection , because of its director, Amando Bo, and a national monument, Isabel Sarli.

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